“Some Fabulous Leos” Pack EIGHT4NINE Restaurant & Lounge to Benefit the L-Fund and The Raina Chessman Fund

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Some Fabulous Leos Benefit at Eight4Nine Restaurant & Lounge
Some Fabulous Leos Benefit at Eight4Nine Restaurant & Lounge

We kicked off the summer season at the SFL Presents “Orange You Glad It’s Summer” generously sponsored by Willie Rhine and John Paschal, co-owners of Eight4Nine, Restaurant & Lounge, to benefit The Raina Chessman Fund (a project of the Transgender Community Coalition), and the L-Fund.

The L-FUND is a Lesbian Philanthropic Group founded in 2012, assisting Lesbians in the Coachella Valley to resolve short-term financial crises, unlike traditional social service or financial aid agencies that deal with long-term assistance.

The L-Fund’s established reserve account often allows them to respond to a request within 24 to 48 hours. “This is the only Lesbian organization in the valley to provide immediate financial relief in an emergency situation,” says L-Fund’s President, Barbara Carpenter. The emotional outpouring from gift recipients creates a sense of community that inspires the Core Group, co-founders and president to do more.

The L-Fund is a compassionate, philanthropic nonprofit organization. For more information about the L-Fund, its guidelines for giving, or to make donations, visit their website www.L-Fund.org.

The Transgender Community Coalition

Transgender Community Coalition (formerly Transgender Day of Remembrance-Palm Springs) has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Gender Non-Conforming, and socially and politically under-represented members of our community. Find out how you can contribute to the future of TDOR in need through donations of money and time.

Some Fabulous Leos: A little bit of history of the Leo Party.

When George Zander turned forty, in 1984, his family and friends threw a huge party in Seattle. Everyone spent lots of money on gifts and black “over the hill” paraphernalia. Though enjoying the festivities and adoration- what Leo wouldn’t, he vowed to change the celebration of his birthday to a celebration with no gifts, and he suggested that his friends and family write checks to their favorite charity in the name of Leos.

The party grew and when George joined the Board of the Seattle AIDS Support Group (SASG), the Leo Party for SASG was born. It always occurred during Seattle’s short but lovely summer. The location moved about but was always outdoors. It remained a party to celebrate Leos and all that admire them!

Upon migrating to the Desert, George met up with other Leos including the Mixtress Victoria at a party Antonio was hosting for Paul- a fellow Leo for him at a local resort.  During this said party attendees were asked to don boas, tiaras and such.  Cocktails, nosh, gifts & especially fun were abound.  It was at this Leo Party a new round of Leo Parties began.

Previous years the event was held at a local night club.  For the first time in Leo Party history in 2011 Some Fabulous Leos held this spectacular event at the home of two of the founding members, Antonio & Paul Lopez-Cochran.  The 10th Annual Leo Party, keeping with the festive theme was “Under the Big Top 10”. It was held poolside at the home of Greg Rodriguez. Guests enjoyed plenty of food sponsored by Mr. Greg Paige, Bongo Johnny’s.  Full Bar was generously donated by Streetbar & Mr. Haskamp. Guests were entertained by the likes of The A List,The Mentalist, Mr. Brent Webb and the acrobatic styling of Flowbox.  Superb raffle prizes & select auction items contributed to The Center and The Pinnacle Fund.  Raising well over $7000.00!

In 2013, the theme “Courage…Follow us on the Yellow Brick Road”  created a festive atmosphere at the historical Skylark Resort Hotel.  The total raised for 2013 was over $9000 that was split between two great organizations that supports our youth.

In 2014 & 2015 were proud to support SafeHouse of the Desert (www.safehouseofthedesert.com) with Community Support, provides Emergency Shelter, Intervention and Outreach Services to Youth in Crisis.

This year we are proud to have L-Fund (www.L-Fund.org) & Raina Chessman Fund (www.transcc.org) as our beneficiaries.

Some Fabulous Leos explain about their objective:

“We are a nonprofit organization whose only goal is to celebrate the sign of the Leo and raise money & awareness for local organizations that do so much for our community.”

Well done, Leos!

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