Make a choice. Trump or me. You can’t have both.

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I believe everyone has the right to their opinions…

This doesn’t mean that, if we care about the world we live in, we can’t challenge everyone on the validity of those opinions, especially when communicated into a public space, like this one.

It is about civil discourse.

In the process of civil discourse, we may discover that we do, in fact, lose respect for certain individuals precisely because of their opinions (even though we continue to respect their right to those opinions).

I believe, if we care about the world in which we live, it is our responsibility to challenge everyone and ourselves on beliefs and actions (like how we vote and whether or not we vote) which impact the lives of others.

When I learn in this civil discourse that i have deep, fundamental, irreconcilable differences with people (such as those who believe that on any level it is morally acceptable to vote for Donald J. Trump, or who withhold or direct their vote in anyway that benefits Donald Trump for President 2016), they no longer get to be in my close, intimate personal circle (not that they even want to be at this point), or in pubic spaces that I control (like what I see and experience on Facebook).

So unfriend and block me, or post something that alerts me to the fact that I should do the same, if you’re voting for Donald Trump For President.

This does not mean that I wish you ill, or that I don’t like or love you anymore (as the case may be). I just have no room for you in my active daily life, because a vote for Trump is on so many levels a very deep vote against me, everyone I love, the world in which we live, and all of its inhabitants.

(You could have voted for any of his competitors and I could have lived with it….this is not a partisan stance, even though I’m definitely with Hillary Clinton).

If you support Trump, you are entitled to your view of the world, but you won’t see me in your world unless from afar or by accident (I realize, this is good news for you as well, and you are probably in fact, jubilant).

An advantage of the presidential election cycle is that my Facebook feed is ultimately much more serene going forward, and I learn who really does, in fact, have my back. And the reason #ImWithHer, is because I have YOUR back as well, and I’m doing everything I can to protect you from yourself.

…Nicholas Snow

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